Iphone 4 CDMA A1349 заливка PRL, imsi, chap_ss

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Аппарат Iphone 4 CDMA A1349
Прошивка 7.1.2
Модель MC676LL/A
Модем 3.0.04

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Manually Updating PRL
Using the explorer window in Tunnelier browse to /System/Library/Carrier Bundles/iPhone/Zeppelin_US.bundle.
Backup all the files to your HDD and make another backup of them. This is so you don't have to restore the phone in case something goes wrong.
To manually update the PRL to your new carrier's PRL. Get or obtain your carriers PRL from google. In this example I will be using the Cricket_42500.prl
Rename your PRL to 310VZW.prl and upload it to "/System/Library/Carrier Bundles/iPhone/Zeppelin_US.bundle" making sure to overwrite the original 310VZW.prl
Open carrier.plist in a pList editor. For Windows I use "pList Editor" Look for "PRL Push Flag" and enable "True".
Switch to True
Save the newly edited "carrier.plist" MAKE SURE NOT TO CHANGE ANYTHING ELSE. You will break the sign if you do. After you save upload and overwrite the old "carrier.plist" found in "/System/Library/Carrier Bundles/iPhone/Zeppelin_US.bundle". Reboot your phone.
Once the phone completes rebooting you "WILL NOT" have service. Thats normal. You will now need to "SSH" back into the phone and edit the "carrier.plist" boolean to say "false" like it originally was.
After you have uploaded the new "carrier.plist" with the boolean as "false" this time. Reboot the phone again.
Once your phone powers on check the PRL version by dailing *#5005*4357#, send. Your carriers new PRL should now be installed.
After the new PRL is loaded you must contact your carrier to add the phone to your account. As of right now there is no know method to manually program the MDN, MIN or SYSID into the phone like most other CDMA phones. So you must do a OTA activation to program these features. Please NOTE: if OTA does not work in your area even after manually loading the PRL you will not be able to currently program the iPhone onto your plan until a method for writing the MDN and MIN at least has been found.
сервисные коды не работают, не реагирует телефон
Hidden Dialer Codes
*#5005*4357#, Send [4357 = help]
Displays the PRL and PRI verison
*#5005*74663#, Send [74663 = phone]
Displays your current MDN
*#5005*25327#, Send [Unknown]
Just flashes the screen
*#5005*274#, Send [Unknown]
Displays nothing but has a dismiss button.
*#5005*7828#, Send [Unknown]
Just flashes the screen
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